jeudi 1 mars 2018

Journal club suspended until September

Due to extensive travel of the two organisers, the Journal club will be suspended until September 2018.

For those interested in discussing recent papers, there will be instead an "arXiv" meeting at Saclay, every Monday at 14:30

You are always welcome to propose papers to discuss next (academic) year, by clicking the "comments" button below.

We would like to warmly thank all who attended for their participation, and look forward for more exciting discussions next year! 

vendredi 22 décembre 2017

First four journal clubs 2018

The first four journal clubs of 2018 will take place on:

mercredi 29 novembre 2017

Next two journal clubs before Christmas

The next two journal clubs will take place on:

mardi 10 octobre 2017

First four journal clubs

The first four journal clubs will take place on:
   Note this is going to be a discussion, so ideally you should read the paper ahead of time!

lundi 2 octobre 2017


Welcome to the "Quantum Black Holes on the Plateau" journal club!

where : CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique, Salle de Conférence Jean Lascoux (Aile0)

when:   every other Friday at 10:15 a.m., starting Oct. 13th

topics:  recent papers on the quantum structure of black holes, bulk effective field theory, bulk reconstruction (via bootstrap/entanglement), SYK, asymptotic symmetries (BMS)

how it works: one person prepares a presentation, and everyone else reads the paper and prepares for a discussion. Papers can either be chosen from the suggested readings on this website, or the speaker can come up with his/her own paper to read, which should fit with the general topic of the journal club.  

  •  directions to the CPHT can be found at
  •  we are planning to provide free coffee and croissants at the start of the journal club 
  •  internet is provided via eduroam 
  •  after the journal club, we can all have lunch at the canteen of the Ecole Polytechnique. The seminar room will be reserved all day for those people who want to spend the rest of the afternoon at the CPHT. 

some suggested reading (more ideas welcome!):